Outsourcing of Control functions


The financial sector is characterized by complex regulations that are constantly changing, and the focus of compliance, risk management, and internal control issues has increased. This has contributed to the fact that the management, the organization, as well as supervisory authorities have higher expectations on financial institutions’ control functions. Therefore, having control functions that have the depth, expertise, and experience required to understand and examine potential deficiencies is crucial.

By outsourcing the control functions, you will be able to ensure independent control functions that have the right resources and capabilities to meet the challenges of an increasingly complicated financial market. You can also ensure continuity and quality and will gain access to FCG’s expertise and assessment of the industry’s current best practices. Our consultants have solid expertise and have a background from work within both control functions, business operations, and from the FSA It contributes with valuable experience to the assignments and to your development and improvement.

We aim to be a business-oriented and long-term partner who provides solutions adapted to your business and needs, and that has practical experience of the challenges encountered within both the business operations and control functions.

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