The road towards sustainable lending


The European Commission early on stated that public initiatives alone were insufficient to achieve the EU’s sustainability goals. In 2018, the Commission published an action plan for Financing Sustainable Growth setting an EU strategy on sustainable finance and a roadmap for future actions across the financial system. One of the purposes being to reorient capital flows towards sustainable investments in … Read More

Summary on FCG’s webinar regarding Climate risks in the Financial Markets


Climate change is the new state of normal and cannot be ignored. In a webinar on the subject, Susanne Perneby from FCG, and Johanna Nilsson Palm and Malin Lindfors Speace from Ethos International, discussed climate risks, what are they, and their implications for the financial markets moving forward. Generally, climate risks are separated into two main areas: physical risks and … Read More

Financial institutions will be required to incorporate ESG factors


EBA introduces consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors for the first time in the new loan origination guideline, published on 29th of May. The guidelines require institutions to incorporate ESG factors and associated risks in their credit risk appetite, risk management policies, credit risk policies and procedures by 30 June 2021. In accordance with the guidelines, institutions should … Read More

EBA’s action plan on sustainable finance

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Last Friday EBA published its action plan on sustainable finance including time-lines for reports, guidelines and technical standards mandated to the EBA. The EBA’s responsibility and mandates can be summarised under following legislative acts.   Given the complexity of the topic and the deadlines given from legislation and the Commission’s action plan, EBA has set up a working sequence, which … Read More