The Step Ahead of Financial Crime

The Step Ahead of Financial Crime

Discover leading expertise, key insights and new perspectives on Financial Crime Prevention


Our latest insights, conversations and events


How model validation is key to AML efficiency

Avoid quality deficiencies in the most fundamental parts of AML/CTF obligations.


Key Takeaways from Financial Fraud Forum

Louise Brown, Director in FCP shares her take key aways from one of autumn’s most important events.


Oslo: Financial Crime in the digital age, Oct 20th

FCG Norway hosts an event on money laundering, cryptocurrencies and organized crime.

Joined by international experts, FCG takes on the challenges of governance, risk and compliance in our program series FCG | talks. Short studio interviews with new insights, bold perspectives and sharp angles.


Terror Financing

What do we need to understand to tackle terrorist financing? Join our conversation with Sweden´s leading experts on terrorist organisations and societal security.

Featuring Senior Advisor Magnus Ranstorp
& Senior Analyst Magnus Normark


Insider Threats

Take part in a candid conversation on infiltration, bribery, corruption, market abuse and the difficult task to identify conflicts of interest and disqualification.

Featuring Senior Public Prosecutor Robert Engstedt
& Head of FCP Ronny Gustavsson


Deep dive into current financial crime prevention topics and developments


How model validation is key to AML efficiency

with Lars von Ehrenheim, Director FCP & René Naarmann, Senior Manager Model Validation


Expensive shortcuts in the quest for compliance tech

with Nicolas Espinoza, Director Operational risk/ICT


New EBA guidelines will turn organizations on their heads

with Jonas Karlsson, Director FCP


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Financial Crime Prevention – Our Services

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a growing concern and outpacing other forms of financial crime at historical speed. Internal and external fraud, social engineering, infiltration, and investment fraud are on the rise.  Talk to our experts about fraud risk assessment and prevention, systems solutions, organization and processes.

Ronny Gustavsson
Director & Head of FCP

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Bribery and corruption are enablers for other financial crimes including fraud, money laundering, embezzlement as well as abuse of insider information, infiltration and misuse of business secrets. Without effective anti-corruption measures, other financial crimes including ESG risks cannot be addressed.

Louise Brown,
Director, FCP

International Sanctions Management

Our knowledge of how to work with screening and monitoring systems can help you effectively manage international sanction regulations and adjust progressively. Talk to us about international sanctions from the EU, USA, UK and other jurisdictions.

Lars von Ehrenheim,
Director, FCP

AML & Counter Terrorist Financing

Money laundering and terrorist financing are constant and growing concerns on a global scale. FCG’s industry practice is an optimal resource for evaluating your AML-systems and identify potential efficiency gains.

Jonas Karlsson,
Director, FCP

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The Step Ahead of Financial Crime The Step Ahead of Financial Crime

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The Step Ahead of Financial Crime The Step Ahead of Financial Crime

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