This is FCG

Since 2008, we have combined regulatory, security, technological and risk management expertise to advise and challenge the industry with leading edge insights and experience.

The rate of digitalization and growing regulatory complexity makes it increasingly difficult for financial companies to keep pace and meet the expanding set of demands they are faced with.

With this as our driving force we have made a point of gathering the sharpest minds, in the search of a thorough understanding of the modern financial industry, all within a single company.

What We Do

As specialists, we provide reliable, innovative and hands-on solutions, designed to generate value both today and in the future. As partners, we pro-actively support our clients in every step, from analysis and advice to implementation and outsourcing.

We want our clients to succeed. Together, we create sustainable solutions tailored to their needs and to enhance their business, contributing to a better financial industry and a healthier society.

Our Vision

A sustainable world for people, business and society
through sound and resilient organisations ready to embrace the future

Our Mission

In partnership with our clients
we pro-actively navigate a changing and complex environment, 
creating hands-on solutions tailored to our clients’ needs

Our Policies







Our values

Professional excellence

We have strong business acumen combined with high competence in the GRC field, and vast experience from the financial industry. We are not afraid to challenge existing solutions and standards, always in search for the best way forward.


We have an entrepreneurial mindset, seeing and creating opportunities, with drive, innovation and the will to take own initiatives. We believe in, and are driven by, the power that exists in entrepreneurship – collectively and individually.


We have a genuine passion, drive and interest in what we do. We want our clients to succeed, and we are committed to ensuring sustainable results with quality. We always seek new perspectives and to broaden the horizon to ensure the success, profitability and market position of our clients.

Team spirit

We support and challenge each other, working together as a team. We learn from each other and share our perspectives, give and receive feedback in a constructive way. Recognizing the unique value in our diverse expertise and backgrounds, we build long-term sustainable relationships with colleagues and clients.

Who we are

This is FCG

Competent and dedicated

We base our best-in-class services on analysing facts and apply our experience. We provide our clients a holistic view of the financial environments by utilizing our broad range of expertise.

This is FCG

A creative, driving force

We are proactive. We turn insights into actions and overcome obstacles to provide solutions. Our search for sustainable innovation never stops, and we are constantly striving to deliver the best results for our clients.

This is FCG

Personal and down-to-earth

We work side by side in partnership with our clients. We ensure we understand their unique situation and support them with their challenges. We build long-lasting relationships, applying our expertise and experience to make a real difference for our customers.

This is FCG

Open and Inclusive

To us, diversity is a prerequisite to be a more innovative, dynamic and successful company. We believe everyone should be heard and included, which is why we focus on diversity and equality in our recruitment process.