Finance & Treasury


Current trends in the financial sector, with increasingly new regulatory requirements and an increased focus on transaction banking, present new challenges for the financial organization. As the firm grows and the business becomes more complex, the financial organization often establish a treasury function to ensure the right focus on the firm’s liquidity, capital needs, regulatory requirements, and financial risks is established. Current FCG consulting expertise in the financial sector will help your firm establish a state-of-the-art treasury that will provide the right conditions for the firm to grow and develop according to plan.

FCG’s treasury offerings:

  • Treasury organization and governance: Formation of roles and responsibilities, treasury policy, processes and manuals, interim treasury managers
  • Funding and capital structure: Capital adequacy (ICAAP) and funding optimization
  • Liquidity: Liquidity planning and forecasting (ILAAP)
  • Cash management: Cash management infrastructure and payment solutions
  • Financial risk management: Market risk and valuation, risk identification, quantitative analysis, customized risk management strategies
  • Treasury and financial controlling: The link between treasury and accounting with a focus on financial instruments and IFRS 9
  • Regulatory reporting: Reporting to SFSA and the stock exchange, oversees regulatory changes, and makes regulatory adjustments

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