FCG has advised Borgo AB in its license applications as credit institution and issuer of covered bonds


FCG has advised Borgo AB in their license applications as a credit institution, in accordance with the Act on Banking and Financing Activities, and issuer of covered bonds, in accordance with the Act on Issuance of Covered Bonds. The authorisations were granted by the Swedish FSA on March 11th 2021.

Thanks to the full commitment of Borgo it has been a pleasure to assist them in the work with the applications. With the authorisations granted, FCG is eager to follow the journey of a new player in the mortgage market with the focus of building a modern, scalable and efficient mortgage company”, says Christine Ehnström, Partner and Head of GRC Advisory at FCG.

“We are very satisfied with FCG’s assistance and the cooperation in relation to our license applications. Apart from their knowledge in the application process as such, FCG’s expertise within various other areas has been very valuable for us in the establishment of Borgo as a new Swedish mortgage provider”, says Peter Walldour, COO at Borgo.

The FCG assignment team was managed by Christine Ehnström (Partner) and consisted, among others, of Jimmi Brink (Partner), Jonas Ljungqvist (Partner), Fredrik Ohlsson (Partner) Adam Granqvist (Manager), Eric Blomdahl (Senior Associate), Erika af Sandeberg (Director), Fredrik Chang (Manager), Camilla Baltscheffsky (Manager), Alexandra Brunila (Senior Manager), Susanne Perneby (Senior Manager), Daniel Hemselius (Manager) and Anna Richardsson (Associate).