Model Validation

Model Validation as a managed service provides a validation framework helping you to ensure an adequate risk management of your model environment.

Model Validation

We serve you with an independent assessment of your model validation process, the applied methods, and an evaluation of implemented models in regards of reliability and accuracy.

Our model validation service provides you with complementary expertise, resources, continuity, and cost efficiency, while you retain overall responsibility and control.

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FCG’s model validation services gives you access to:

  • Full-stack validation of your model environment from setting the governance process, developing a robust and risk parameter specific validation test suite to an independent assessment summarized in a compliant validation report.
  • GAP and review of your validation framework in accordance with the regulatory landscape in the context of e.g., AML, IRB, IFRS9 and Solvency.
  • Support during hectic periods and interim solutions during recruitment or to avoid key staff dependencies.

When you partner with FCG, you gain:

  • Resource efficiency: You may opt to run managed validation services for a significant part of the portfolios, or on a smaller set of portfolios, enabling the validation department to allocate resources to areas which is deemed most relevant from a significance, risk management and senior management perspective.
  • Industry practices: FCG is advising multiple banks and other financial institutions across the Nordics and participates in methodological committees on an internal level. The skills, competences and operational conduct provided by FCG will align to customized or best practice as per individual request from the client.
  • Independence: When collaborating with FCG as a third-party service provider, it is possible for you to achieve true independence easing the communication towards internal stakeholders, competent authorities and aligning model risk management practices to board risk appetite and expectations.
  • Key person risk reduction: FCG is responsible for the quality and continuity of the validation service and therefore you will reduce the risk and costs associated with staff leaving.
  • Long-term cost efficiency: By establishing a long-term validation service partnership with FCG, significant cost efficiency objectives may be achieved, enabling you to allocate resources from a holistic perspective and thereby achieving cost efficient operations.

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