AML and Financial Crime Prevention

The increasing focus on anti money laundering, AML, and financial crime prevention is challenging for the financial institutions, both in terms of keeping up with the regulatory development and ensuring effective measures.

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AML and Financial Crime Prevention

Focus is increasing on Anti Money Laundering, AML, and anti terrorist financing on both a global and national level. The regulatory burden for the individual financial entity has expanded to a corresponding extent.

FCG has observed that many companies in the financial sector have identified a need for a professional partner in keeping up with the increased demands within AML and ensure efficient measures.

AML as a managed service offers the opportunity to ensure expertise, continuity, and quality through ongoing support within anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing.

For example, the Money Laundering Reporting Officer’s (MLRO) can delegate part of its duties and control activities to FCG. FCG can also provide ongoing support within customer due diligence, transaction monitoring, employee training and risk model validation.

We adapt our managed services to your needs.

Johanna Bäck

Managing Director

Ronny Gustavsson

Director & Head of AML/CTF

Key benefits when partnering with FCG’s AML experts

  • Ensure access to FCG’s deep expertise and best practice
  • Maintain control of critical processes and functions and ensure sufficient measures to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Strengthen the MLRO’s independence
  • Ensure comfort by achieving continuity and the capabilities to meet the organization’s as well as supervisory authorities’ expectations
  • Ensure sufficient resources and help you increase productivity allowing you to focus on core business and internal resources where needed.

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AML and Financial Crime Prevention AML and Financial Crime Prevention
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