Liquidity Planning for Business- and Regulatory continuity


How has your company been affected by recent volatility? Do you have need of support for liquidity planning for business and regulatory continuity?

At FCG we have the privilege of working with many Nordic treasury departments. We learn and share best practices in the three main areas; Liquidity & Cash management, Financial Risk management and Funding & Capital management.

Where possible we help our clients with liquidity planning and strategies to increase liquidity. As a GRC advisory firm we will assist your company to stay attractive to investors also in volatile times.In the short-term FCG can help with the following strategies to increase liquidity:

  • Funding optimisation analysis.
    • Investor relations, lower funding costs and lower refinancing risk.
  • Investigate possibilities for natural risk reduction (Asset & Liability management)
    • Lower hedging activities with lower collateral needs, transaction costs and cash outflows from rolling hedging programs.
  • Streamlining payment procedures and centralising data flow to improve working capital.
    • Earlier and more frequently cash release.

In the medium-term we can help to improve analysis capability and proactivity within the treasury organization to be able to quickly adopt to changes and stay competitive and resilient to regulatory requirements.

  • We can help with a pre-study and implementation of treasury management system that is integrated with the rest of the IT environment which improves analysis capability and proactivity within the treasury organization.
    • Focusing on value-added analysis instead of time-consuming manual routines and repetitive work.


For further information on how FCG can support your company within Treasury management and Regulatory requirements please contact FCG’s Treasury Team.