FCG Oasys+ to support contract management and outsourcing arrangements for two major credit institutions

olofReg&Tech Solutions

Today, we are proud to announce that FCG’s Contract Management System, called Oasys+, has been selected by two major credit institutions to support their international management of contracts and outsourcing arrangements.

Oasys+ will support our new clients in managing all types of agreements with their suppliers and all related documentation in one system, allowing proper lifecycle management of each arrangement. These features, together with advanced permission management functionality and supplier management functionality, have resulted in a very powerful offering. To reflect the extended scope and new capabilities, FCG now launches the new offering under the name Oasys+.

Managing contracts and outsourcing arrangements has rapidly become a crucial business activity in today’s financial markets. Outsourcing is, amongst other things, used to get access to new technologies and achieve economies of scales. The increased use and interest of third-party suppliers has resulted in new and modernized guidelines from EBA (European Banking Authority). Oasys+ fully supports EBA’s new guidelines with the extra benefit of also supporting all other types of agreements and supportive documentation. The system will be used by all stakeholders e.g. business, legal, compliance risk and audit.

The use of Oasys+ will create an improved overview and control of the company’s supplier relations, and improved risk control.

“We welcome our new clients and look forward to supporting many financial institutions in their important job of managing their risks related to external suppliers” says Per Andersson, CEO FCG Reg&Tech Solutions.