Cross-Nordic expertise synergies ensure FCG’s first Finnish and continental clients


Since opening offices in both Helsinki and Frankfurt, FCG has leveraged those international resources on primarily Swedish and Nordic projects. Both offices have now acquired own projects in their respective regions, thanks to having the group’s full set of resources and competence at hand when offering our services to potential clients.

FCG International (Frankfurt Office)

FCG in Germany has acquired its first customer in an assignment to draft a Recovery Plan for a high-profile medium-sized Financial Institution in Luxembourg. Resources from the entire group will be assisting Country Manager Jonas Ljungqvist, who sets the bar for the coming months:

“The FCG office in Frankfurt opened in the beginning of January and some of the network activities in the first quarter are now starting to pay off, which is really positive. FCG is not known in the mid-European market but as we have the right competence it is mainly a challenge to get banks and institutions to get to know us and consider us a competitor with the local players. I believe there will be more activity in the third quarter than what we seen now and we have also started recruiting with one new staff starting in September.”

FCG Finland

FCG Finland has signed projects with several different Finnish clients in the last period of time. The on-going assignments relate to external validation, IFRS9 and assisting clients in estimating the impact of the new capital adequacy rules. FCG Finland has run the projects with cross-border teams, utilizing FCG’s full expertise on separate niche domains, with data analysis among the prime examples. The clients have appreciated to have a new player – specialized in the financial industry and its regulation – in Finland together with whom they can develop their operations. Country Manager Pekka Pykäri comments:

“Building the customer relationships in this industry takes time for a new, strong, player in the market, but I’ve been happy to see that we have already been blessed with chances to assist a number of Finnish clients with regulatory challenges. I’m really looking forward to the rest of 2019, since there is great demand for a flexible and efficient trusted partner from our clients’ point of view, and there are several interesting projects we are likely to start after the summer.”