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Cookie Policy

The website uses cookies. You can choose whether you want to consent for us to use cookies and you can withdraw your consent at any time. FCG Holding Sverige AB (”FCG”) is responsible for the use of cookies on the website and is thereby controller for the processing of personal data collected when you use our website. You can find more information about how FCG are processing your personal data here. 

Cookies are small text files with letters and numbers that are saved on your computer or on your mobile device when you visit a website that uses cookies. Cookies can be used to track the pages you visit on the website, save the information you provide or remember your preferences such as language settings.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to make our website an easier user experience and to get information on how our website is used in order to improve website’s existing functions. We use cookies to, among other things, save your chosen language settings and to evaluate which parts of our website that gather most visitors and what articles or news letters are most read.

What categories of cookies do we use?

There are different categories of cookies, e.g. session cookies, permanent cookies, first party cookies and third party cookies. When you accept cookies you consent to all categories but you can always change and delete cookies from your browser.

  • Session cookies. Session cookies are temporarily stored when you visit our website and are deleted when you close your browser. FCG use this category of cookies in order to facilitate navigation. If you do not consent to these cookies several functions will not work on the website.
  • Permanent cookies. Permanent cookies are stored as a file on the computer under a certain amount of time until you as a visitor or the sending server deletes them.
  • First party cookies. First party cookies are placed by the website owners, in this case
  • Third party cookies. Third party cookies are placed by another website than the one you as a user are visiting. These are used if content or sharing tools are embedded from e.g. Facebook or Google Analytics.  

FCG uses the following cookies on

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function and can therefore not be turned off. They are used to recognize if you have previously visited the website or to identify the user when logging in.

NameInformation about the cookieRetention periodDisclosure of information to third party
cookie_acceptHolds information about if and which cookies the visitor accepted1 monthNone
wordpress_logged_in_*Used to track if visitor is logged in.SessionNone
wordpress_test_cookieUsed to check if the cookies are enabled on the visitors browser to provide appropriate user experience to the users. SessionNone
wp-settings-*Used to customize the view of the admin interface for logged in users.1 dayNone

Analysis and adaptation

These cookies allow us to count and analyse statistics on the website usage, e.g. number of visitors, what pages are more popular than others and how visitors navigate the pages. Furthermore, they help us to adjust the content and test different versions of the pages. To use these cookies we need your consent.’

NameInformation about the cookieRetention periodDisclosure of information to third party
_gaThe cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website2 yearsGoogle analytics
_gat_UA-30345156-1The cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website2 yearsGoogle analytics
_gidThe cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website24 hoursGoogle analytics


These cookies are used to adjust the marketing shown on other websites and social medias. If you do not accept these cookies you are still able to see ads on other websites, however they are not adjusted and may therefore be less relevant for you. To use these cookies we need your consent.


We need your consent to use non-necessary cookies. Your consent is needed when we use cookies to count and analyse statistics on how our website is used. You consent by allowing cookies in the cookie banner that appears when you visit our website for the first time. You can change and withdraw your consent at any time. Read more under the title ”How do you remove cookies?” below.

What happens if you don’t accept cookies?

If you do not wish to allow saved cookies on your computer, you can regulate this through the settings on your browser. If you choose to deactivate cookies, some functions on the website may be inaccessible and your user experience will be affected while visiting and using our website.

How do you remove cookies?

If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you can disable cookies via your web browser’s security settings. You can also adjust your web browser so that you receive a warning every time the website attempts to put a cookie on your computer. You can also delete previously stored cookies via your web browser.

See the web browser’s help pages for more information about how you can see what cookies are stored on your web browser, how to remove them and also select settings for whether or not cookies are to be accepted.

Once you have removed cookies from your browser, our cookie banner will appear again when you visit our web site. You are then able to choose which cookies we are allowed to store.

Complaints and contact information

For more information about cookies or if you wish to complain how FCG process cookies you are welcome to contact the monitoring authority for electronic communications, The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).

For questions regarding how we process your cookies, send an e-mail to

Updated : 2021–10-21

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Analytical cookies are used by third party web services to measure visitors traffic and helps us to evaluate the performance of this website. The collected data is used for the purpose to improve the visitors experience.