FCG is a leading advisory firm with experts within Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), founded in 2008. Today, FCG has more than 200 experts within risk & capital management, compliance and financial regulation, credit process and credit management, finance & treasury, IT & information security, advanced analytics and internal governance and control.

Currently, FCG has offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Frankfurt. We grow continuously by attracting and developing the best employees, and our aim is to be the leading European GRC Company serving leading players in the financial sector by 2025.

Our vision is to redefine the finance industry for businesses, people and society. We strongly believe in what we do, and we want to contribute to a better society through our work for a healthy and efficient financial services industry. We are a unique workplace in the sense that everyone who works here at FCG is not only aware of our vision, but also incorporates and embraces this thinking in everything they do.

At FCG we are team of experts


Our core values, which flow through everything we do at FCG, are Innovation, Humbleness, Team Spirit and Engagement. We work actively with our core values and how we should act in everyday life to create the best working environment. As a result, we are a value-driven company where all employees are evaluated based on how they live up to our values. Employees who breathe and embrace our values will consequently find themselves climbing the FCG ladder at a significantly quicker pace. Our values are the compass that guides us in everything we do, and our culture is formed when we turn these values into actions.

The recruitment process as well becomes critical to secure that you will become a successful team-member at FCG.

New employees will find that we are a dedicated, humble, and innovative team caring for our clients and society as a whole. That means a genuine passion, drive and interest in what we do while we deliver customer value to the best of our ability, always having service, quality and a humble approach in mind. To cope with a constantly changing environment, we believe it is important to have an innovative mindset by challenging and listening to both ourselves and clients, and having a sense of urgency about driving change. Most importantly, FCG’s collaborative spirit is what makes us successful, as we support and learn from each other and share our different experiences and perspectives.

We truly believe social activities in any form should not be underestimated when it comes to maintaining our team spirit. Everything we do is for the purpose of maintaining this feeling of togetherness and collective spirit. This being said, we believe nothing can replace the daily “small talk” at the coffee machine.

GRC experts

Work-life balance

We care about each other and we invest in employee growth and well-being. Our organization is non-hierarchical with a focus on work-life balance to help our co-workers maximize their performance. An expression that fits well into this idea is: “we believe it’s cool to work smart, not to work too much”. We value work-life balance and make sure that everyone has the chance to enjoy a reasonable amount of relaxation in various ways. What is equally important to maintain this balance is to never forget celebrating what we have accomplished together as a team. We all can work, but together we will win. 


To us, being diverse is not an option; it is a prerequisite to be a more innovative, dynamic and successful company. Thus, we think that everyone should be heard and included in everything we do, which is also why we focus on diversity and equality in the recruitment process.

Our people are our most valuable asset and we believe who you are makes you better at what you do. If you agree, join our team ([see career link below]). Otherwise, you are not the right person for us.