Secure efficiency and compliance in your Treasury

As a result of the fast changing and unstable financial environment, maintaining efficiency and securing resources in the Treasury area have become an even bigger challenge than before. We help your Treasury stay compliant and well equipped for future challenges.

Secure efficiency and compliance in your Treasury

Understanding the impact of market changes on short- and long-term funding has always been at the core of the treasury function. Analysing today’s volatile markets and their impact on businesses is more challenging than ever.

By choosing FCG as your Treasury solutions provider, you can benefit from our leading expertise and substantial resources. You can trust in our commitment to excellence and wealth of industry experience. We ensure that sufficient qualified resources are always available. Our extensive expertise in the Treasury area covers all relevant aspects of your operations, ensuring compliance with regulations.

With our extensive experience working with all types of financial companies, we can customize solutions to provide the best outcome for your company. With a satisfied customer base, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality Treasury services that meet your expectations. FCG is a reliable partner for all your Treasury needs, with a focus on delivering optimal, innovative solutions. By partnering with us, you can ensure that sufficient qualified resources are always available.

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Gunnar Söderqvist

Senior Manager

FCG Treasury

We help you ensure a proficient and compliant Treasury organisation. A well-functioning and efficient organisation is essential for every Treasury and CFO Office to ensure funding and manage financial reporting. To keep up with new and upcoming regulations and stay ahead of new requirements, it is necessary to ensure smooth operations.

Appropriate risk management requires adequate tools and data models tailored to your business. Based on our expertise, we are your partner, helping you navigate a complex regulatory environment and find sound and innovative solutions in the data modeling field and tech solutions.


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Funding Management

– trust in our commitment to excellence and wealth of industry experience

We can help you make the funding management process efficient and compliant in the Treasury area. This may involve elaborating funding strategies or reviewing the funding process to minimize the risk of funding in your company.

Risk Management

– extensive expertise in across all aspects of your operations

We help you understand and develop the risk management process, including the identification of financial risks, as well as how to measure, analyse, report on, and follow up on risks.

Risk Measurement

– leading competence and substantial resources

The quantification of identified risks in your Treasury is one of the more crucial steps in your Risk Management process. Adequate models developed in customized systems with necessary performance must be in place which, in addition, are expected to reflect an appropriate risk appetite framework. Read all about or risk measurement offering here

Marcus Barthelson

Director – Financial Services Risk Measurement

Model Validation

– innovative solutions in the data modelling field

According to regulations, a bank must have control over the risks associated with its business. Banks and financial institutions use risk models to measure identified risks and follow up on risk levels in accordance with a given risk appetite. Read all about our model validation offering here.

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Regulatory Reporting

regulators insight into your institutions risk management  

We help institutions understand and meet their current regulatory challenges and provide insights on how new regulatory changes will impact them. We offer tailor-made solutions that support and empower your company through the complex maze of regulatory reporting challenges you may face. Our services include reviewing your current regulatory reports, implementing reporting systems, analysing the impact of new regulations, and providing interim expertise. Read all about our regulatory reporting offering here.

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Secure efficiency and compliance in your Treasury Secure efficiency and compliance in your Treasury
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Secure efficiency and compliance in your Treasury

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