‘ESG as a Service’

‘ESG as a Service’

Our 'ESG as a Service' ensures cost- and time effective ESG management so you can maintain focus on your core business.

Benefit from a dedicated team of qualified advisors offering regulatory monitoring, expert advice, comprehensive reporting, and tailored solutions.

Key Benefits of ‘ESG as a Service’

Strategic business Focus

Allocate your time more efficiently and prioritize strategic business issues.


Effective Compliance

Ensure cost-and time effective compliance.

Industry insights and updates

Attain industry insights, best practices and the latest regulatory updates.

Control and agility

Stay in control of the ever-changing regulatory landscape and achieve agility in your daily operations.

Effective Solutions to Your ESG Challenges

Many financial companies struggle with the range of new and complex regulations, the pace of transition and the lack of in-house resources.

With this in mind, our team of ESG advisors developed ‘ESG as a Service’, a solution to all organizations seeking to streamline ESG compliance and reporting.

Our Services


  • Organization-specific roadmap for all relevant compliance and reporting activities


  • Mapping of current and upcoming regulatory requirements
  • Qualitative reporting in line with mandatory and voluntary regulatory frameworks

tailored advice

  • Continuous updates and advice on regulatory developments relevant to your business
  • Training programs applicable across the organization

Meet the deadline | PRI Reporting

The comprehensive PRI reporting has an updated framework for 2023 and is due on September 6th.

Our team of qualified ESG advisors can effectively manage your PRI reporting and provide guidance throughout the entire process.

FCG have a highly qualified, professional and service-minded ESG team. The team has a very comprehensive approach to the business which has been appreciated. Their help has allowed us to focus fully on other strategic priorities.

Kiran Aziz, Head of Responsible Investment KLP Asset Management

FCG has helped us with both strategy and sustainability reporting. It has been a very good collaboration. FCG has been highly professional, shown great flexibility and ensured that we have achieved our goals with large projects and short deadlines.

Peter Eide Walseth, Head of Sustainability
SpareBank 1 Helgeland

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