ECB Office

FCG provides direct access to supervisory experience and best practices for financial institutions seeking support in interactions with the European Central Bank (ECB).

ECB Office

Engagement in supervisory projects based on proven experience.

FCG has experience in helping financial institutions in interactions with ECB and other competent authorities, providing hands-on support in delivering what is required. Engagement in supervisory projects is coordinated from the FCG ECB Office in Frankfurt am Main.

The FGC ECB Office keeps an overview of the supervisory experience and knowledge of FCG staff across all FCG offices. In each engagement, experienced FCG staff will be involved and is building on experience gained as well as best practices obtained from supervisory assignments in other institutions.

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Jonas Ljungqvist

Partner, Geschäftsführer

Theo van Drunen

Director, Advisory Germany

From preparation to implementation

Example of FCG engagement in TRIM project, supporting the client in a joint team:

Full spectrum support

A list of supervisory engagements where FCG has been active includes, but is not limited to:

• ECB TRIM preparation
• ECB TRIM on-site inspection
• ECB TRIM follow-up
• IRB Repair Plan
• IRB Model Application
• PPU Application
• JST meetings
• JST Q&A coordination
• EBA New DoD implementation • EBA LOM implementation

• NPE Strategy
• Prudential Backstop
• Capital stress testing
• Liquidity stress testing
• Climate risk stress testing
• BCBS 239 compliance


AQR = Asset Quality Review  |  TRIM = Targeted Review of Internal Models  |  IRB = Internal Ratings-Based  |  PPU =  Permanent Partial Use  |  CMED-IMI = Centralised Model Expert Desk – Internal Model Investigation  |  JST = Joint Supervisory Team DoD = New Definition of Default  |  LOM = Loan Origination and Monitoring  |  NPE = Non-Performing Exposure  |  ICAAP = Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process  |  ILAAP = Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process  |  TIBER = Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red-teaming

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