Authorizations and Supervision

We support organizations applying for and obtaining the necessary authorizations required to conduct licensed activities in the financial services sector.

We are your trusted advisor in relation to supervisory matters. We provide you with expert advice and the tools you need in order to meet expectations from regulators.

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Authorizations and Supervision

We advice organizations in supervisory matters and all aspects of applying for a financial services license. We support you from the evaluation phase to the actual filing of the final application and every step in between.

Christine Ehnström

Managing Director and Head of Risk, Compliance and Finance

Tone Bergfelt

Director & Head of Financial Law

License Applications

We have the competence and capacity to tailor and manage any license project according to your needs. We provide advice and support in relation to all kinds of license applications (banking- and financing activities, securities activities, financial institution, payment services, insurance business and fund companies).

Our specialists working with license applications have in-depth knowledge of the latest supervisory practices. We have gained it through previous employments at the FSAs and the financial services industry and extensive experience from licensing assignments. As a result, FCG can provide your company with best practice advice.

With FCG as a partner you ensure efficiency in the license application process as well as that regulatory requirements are met.

Key benefits:

  • FCG’s in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding financial licenses and licensing requirements.
  • FCG’s insight on best market practices and recent developments.
  • Client tailored process adopted to your conditions, needs and resources.
  • One stop shop for advice on prudential requirements and financial regulations.

Supervisory Advice

FCG provides advice in relation to all supervisory matters independently if they are initiated by supervisory authorities or internal processes. FCG’s specialists have relevant background from the financial supervisory authorities and as employees or advisors to established firms or the financial industry. This means that FCG has in-depth and up to date knowledge of both supervisory and market best and peer practice.

Key benefits:

  • FCG’s in-depth knowledge and expertise into financial regulations and supervisory practices.
  • FCG’s extensive insight in business standards and market practices.
  • Supportive, accessible and hands-on advice.

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Authorizations and Supervision Authorizations and Supervision
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Authorizations and Supervision

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Authorizations and Supervision Authorizations and Supervision

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