AML and Financial Crime Prevention

We help you navigate change, define and deliver on AML/FCP compliance and business needs. This can involve money laundering and terror financing, bribery and corruption, international sanctions, and fraud management, methodology and governance frameworks, organisational and technical developments.

The objective is always to assure pro-active, risk-based and efficient risk and compliance management addressing all forms of financial crime.

AML and Financial Crime Prevention

Effective anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention are top priorities for financial companies today. The challenges are known. Navigating a constantly evolving regulatory environment, assuring adequate procedures, risk exposure and relevant intelligence, both in terms of data and human resource capabilities. 

At FCG Risk & Compliance, we combine finance and banking experience with leading expertise in financial crime prevention. To be successful in today’s highly demanding environment, financial companies need both. That’s where we help our clients.  

It is difficult to keep up with the changing regulatory requirements, the changing methods of the criminals and the technical and organisational development in the area.

We as dedicated specialist consultants can make your company more efficient in the work against financial crime with our extensive experience of implementing proactive risk management and methods.

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Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing

Money laundering and terrorist financing are constant and growing concerns on a global scale. FCG Risk & Compliance’s industry practice is an optimal resource for evaluating your AML-systems and identify potential efficiency gains. 

At FCG Risk & Compliance, we understand the challenges and pitfalls that your organisation faces. Our consultants have relevant experience and capabilities to help you take risk-based measures to efficiently meet regulatory and business obligations with regards to AML/CTF. We offer market-leading expertise with extensive experience from 1st, 2nd AML/FCP executive functions and strategic roles with the Financial Supervisory Authorities, judiciary and financial police.  

All our work is all according to needs and level of maturity of your organisation. 

Let us help you with: 

  • Develop and review your AML/CTF governance framework, policies, systems and procedures and corresponding organisational structures  
  • Implementing industry-leading AML/CTF risk assessment models  
  • Independent risk model validation. Our extensive experience in model development and advanced analysis of credit risk and market risk is a key advantage when building efficient AML-models 
  • AML/CTF efficiency issues across your organization, governance structures and processes 
  • Compliance or Internal Audit reviews and audits 
  • Expert opinion and GAP analysis of your overall AML management system, including KYC, risk rating, transaction monitoring, screening, etc. 
  • Data analysis and models to improve and streamline risk-based measures 

Please talk to us about how your company can gain from our expertise in managing AML-programs and projects. We will be happy to help you evaluate priorities and make strategic decisions at the right time. 

Anti-Bribery and Corruption, ABC

Bribery and corruption is a means for other financial crimes including fraud, money laundering, embezzlement as well as abuse of insider information, infiltration and misuse of business secrets.  

ABC is closely related to conduct risk and is also addressed as integrity compliance.  

In addition to local laws prohibiting active and passive bribery and corruption, third party responsibility and negligent financing of bribery, companies operating internationally also need to understand obligations according to extraterritorial anti-bribery laws.  

Further, with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation organisations need adequate procedures to satisfy bribery and corruption due diligence, adverse impact and reporting requirements. 

FCG Risk & Compliance has expertise from developing and auditing against global standards and guidelines, which combined sector experience to help you secure and implement adequate anti-bribery and corruption procedures and systems based on the context of your business operations. 

Let us help you with: 

  • ABC governance framework review, to assure adequate procedures to detect and manage your exposure to bribery and corruption risks 
  • Fit for an ABC audit or investigation? We provide gap-analyses and qualified audits based on ISO37001. 
  • Financial and non-financial ABC controls  
  • 3rd party due diligence 
  • ABC awareness training around obligations, risks and processes applicable to your company 
  • How to integrate roles and responsibilities for ABC in your overall financial crime prevention strategy. 

International Sanctions Management

Financial institutions and other actors subject to sanctions compliance need to ensure that they have capacity and necessary capabilities to meet sanctions management obligations. It can involve the risk of reputational damage, financial penalties, restrictions in business permissions, or possible criminal charges. 

As international sanctions change, so do transaction flows and methods to conceal. This includes low risk markets, and means that the scope of companies and individuals that can be linked to sanctions must be readdressed.  

At FCG Risk & Compliance, we have extensive experience of the regulatory environment for international sanctions from the EU, USA, UK and other jurisdictions. Our knowledge of how to work with screening and monitoring systems can help you effectively manage international sanction regulations and adjust progressively.  

Let us help you with: 

  • Expert advice on current sanction regimes and how to prevent sanctions infringements 
  • Assessing your exposure to international sanction regimes 
  • Policies and procedures specific to your business activities 
  • Knowledge about screening and monitoring systems including adjustments 
  • Training your staff on regulations, operation models, investigations  

Fraud Management

Prevention of transaction fraud has advanced considerably in recent years. But new forms of fraud are emerging at an even faster pace. Internal and external fraud, social engineering, infiltration, and more recently investment fraud on the rise.  

All companies suffer from the threat of fraud, but different strategies are needed to address the risks, including intelligence and up-to-date routines reflecting your business environment. Knowing how to investigate, determine and act on fraud is a question of both assuring a well-functioning organization and a question of cost efficiency.   

Let us help you with: 

  • Fraud risk assessments 
  • Fraud detection and handling systems including vendor evaluation systems implementation 
  • Fraud prevention policies and procedures  
  • Running an efficient organization around fraud detection and case handling 
  • Training of your team on anti-fraud investigations and current regulations 
  • Integration of fraud prevention in financial crime prevention governance  

The Step Ahead of Financial Crime

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