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Nicole Personne

Manager & Teamchef Outsourcing VP/Fond
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Michael Segage Lundsten

Manager, Team Compliance Insurance
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Jonatan Larsen

Senior Manager, Change Management

Get up and wake up the triplets and start the usual morning routine.
Check my work e-mail and calendar: where do I need to be and when?
Walk with the kids to school and then take the boat to avoid the traffic congestion in Slussen. I meet a co-worker on the boat.
Arrive at Nybroplan Square and go directly to a breakfast seminar on the topic “Change methods” at Norrsken House. Greet several former co-workers who I pass by in the banking district around Kungsträdgården.
On my way back to the office at Stureplan Square. Need to go over last-minute plans with my new co-worker. We put together a detailed agenda for a workshop that’s starting at 12:30 pm. The material is all prepared and we help each other get psyched up!
Buy a salad in Sturegallerian Mall and have lunch with my colleagues there. Discuss my training as a medic with the National Guard.
The workshop on the topic “Ideation” starts. The team we’re facilitating needs to exit the room with at least 10 specific actions they can hand over in the near future. They meet the goal. The exercises were impactful, and the dialogue and discussions remained positive and creative. It’s easy to be critical when you’re formulating ideas, so it’s important not to nitpick during this first stage and wait to identify any issues and apply your critical thinking skills during the second stage.
The workshop has finished. We’re now documenting the insights gained. We assign labels and divide them into the categories that appear to apply - a first draft of the documentation is ready to be sent to the attendees.
Discussing the materials for the board. We’ll present how the innovation hub is intended to work and the activities that we’ve already put together. I show a first draft to a co-worker, who provides some valuable feedback, revise it.
Meet with a group of Analytics co-workers and pitch an idea for a compliance bot to manage employees’ personal stock transactions. Seems like the idea was well received, and it will be exciting to see how far they run with it.
The revised materials for the board are finished and I show them once again to a co-worker. Receive sufficiently positive feedback to justify sending the materials.

Call my family, check where the kids are. They’re at home, so focus on wrapping up my day and getting ready for tomorrow. Check the calendar and come up with a rough plan for the following day:

  • Important coordination meeting for a project where we’re onboarding a fund with a unique asset class.
  • Meeting with an interesting regtech company - maybe we can collaborate?
  • Team meeting for Change Management.
Put on my warm-up suit and jog home.

Jonatan Larsen

Senior Manager, Change Management
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A light drizzle outside. The morning’s exercise session will have to be at the gym instead of the planned jogging tour. Will finish well in advance of the weekly meeting with the team.
Once at the office, the day’s first cup of coffee awaits and a chat with the permit application project team about a preliminary meeting with FI, the Swedish financial supervisory authority.
Do a final review of the materials ahead of the board meeting at a client later today. Really looking forward to this meeting, thanks to the cooperative relationship we enjoy with the client. During the first meeting, they said they wanted to get their house in order but that they lack experience in this area, so “please send us a line and prescribe what we should do and how we should do it”. Fun project where I can really apply my expertise hands-on!
Lunch at the office. Chatted about the election and yesterday’s evening get-together and was affectionately teased about not participating in the Finansloppet marathon. However, considering next year’s Tough Viking. It seems like a challenge that would be more up my alley.
Taxi to the board meeting.
The meeting commences, and with an international Board of Directors from the business community, the whole kit and caboodle is held in English. Aside from the language and specific industry sector, no two board meetings are ever really alike.
Finished delivering my item on the agenda - compliance reporting. Listening in on the actuary’s report before we wrap up and I return to the office.
Just set down the phone following a conversation with a co-worker in Copenhagen. Nice chat! The interpretation of laws is never crystal clear, so additional perspectives are always valuable.
Spent the remainder of the afternoon working on a Q3 review on behalf of the client. Feel like I’ve put in a good day’s work, so I’ll continue working on it tomorrow with the goal of finishing up. A few more checks will be carried out for the client before it’s due to be delivered.
Pass by the ICA supermarket on my way home. Need to stock the fridge with some breakfast food, then there’s a preschool excursion tomorrow, so also need to pack a brown bag lunch.
After a bath and a bedtime story, silence reigns in my child’s bedroom. Check my e-mail one last time and respond to a few quick questions from a co-worker. Read a chapter in the new Referral to the Council on Legislation (“Lagrådsremiss”). It’s had to wait a few days since last week was chock full of children’s activities and external job training for my own benefit.
Turn out the lights and fall into a deep sleep listening to Dan Carlin’s history podcast.

Michael Segage Lundsten

Manager, Team Compliance Insurance
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The alarm clock rings. Yes, it’s really early, but I made a promise to myself to drag myself out of bed and get some exercise.
The weekly exercise session at Humlegården begins and there are surprisingly many FCG employees who’ve arrived there. Burpees at 7 am - good work!
Finished with my exercise and am enjoying a shared breakfast at the office. We brew a new pot of coffee, throw a few croissants in the oven, and set out yogurt, cereal, and other yummy stuff.
I settle down at my computer with coffee number two and check out the first few e-mails. Among other things, there’s a client who wants a brief meeting over the phone at lunch, which should work out fine. I’m also reading over the informational e-mail about this fall’s kick-off event and then sit down and finish writing a report for a company’s Board of Directors. As the officer in charge of risk management for an investment firm, each quarter I need to submit a report on the risks that exist in the company to the CEO and board members.
Meet up with seven new employees who’ve just finished their introductions and office tours. We head off for a group lunch at our favorite restaurant around the corner, and they talk about their intros and their first impressions of FCG.
Back from lunch and have a meeting to analyze a client’s employee compensation model. There are a lot of rules to keep track of, and the compensation needs to be attractive to the employees while at the same time complying with any existing regulatory requirements. It can be a tough row to hoe, so you need to be both innovative and pragmatic.
Planning a seminar FCG will be holding in a few days, where a few co-workers and I will discuss the new rules for payment services and how we see them affecting PSPs, banks, and the financial market as a whole.
Enjoy a coffee in the kitchen and check in with the team’s new associate. He’s sitting down installing phones and computers and trying to get all his ducks in a row.
I look over the agenda for reviewing a client’s information security system. We decide that we’ll start by inspecting the client’s IT policy and business continuity plan, then we’ll conduct an interview with the company’s IT manager. It will be exciting to see the end results. We’ll need to write an assessment report and send it to the CEO and Board of Directors. They showed a lot of interest in the issue before when the company was exposed to several hacking attempts and fraud episodes.
Am interrupted by the phone ringing. It’s a potential client who tells me they’re starting up a new payment service and are wondering what they should be thinking of before they get started. Can FCG provide a little advice along the way? We talk a little and I inform them how FCG works with various fintech companies when they start up their activities. The conversation ends with us scheduling a coffee meeting next week so we can take things from there.
Walk out to the kitchen and hang out with several co-workers who’ve arranged an impromptu after-hours meeting to celebrate a new project. Nice to hear a little about the new insurance risk project even though it’s not at all related to what I work with. It’s highly technical and math-oriented, so must admit that I didn’t get everything they said.
End the day by planning upcoming strategy days. Among other things, we’ll hold a workshop with everyone in the business unit, where we’ll discuss how to maintain the high level of job satisfaction and how we can develop and streamline our outsourcing services as well as set goals for the coming fiscal year.
Shut down my computer and take off for dinner with a few good friends.

Nicole Personne

Manager & Teamchef Outsourcing VP/Fond
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