Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG

We are delighted to announce that Karin Ydén, leading expert in capital markets and market abuse regulations, joins FCG as Director.

Karin Ydén is one of Sweden’s leading experts in market abuse and capital market regulations for listed companies. In her 12 years at Nasdaq, Karin has been: heading Nasdaq’s issuer surveillance department responsible for the handling of the listing process from the regulatory side, leading the ongoing surveillance of issuers as well as the arrangements of information and training programs for issuers, board members and senior executives. Karin has represented Nasdaq in the disciplinary committee and in the legislative processes as a subject matter expert. Prior to joining Nasdaq Stockholm, Karin worked as a legal counsel at the Swedish FSA.

At FCG, Karin will assume the role as Director aswell as the responsibility for our offering to listed companies, working in close collaboration across the entire FCG group.

”I am very happy to welcome Karin to FCG. We know that being a publicly traded company listed on a stock market comes with huge responsibility, and that maintaining the public’s trust in the capital markets is essential in order to attract and retain investors. With Karins’s deep knowledge and extensive hands-on experience, we are able to continue the growth of our GRC offering to include listed companies as a target client group, in all our countries where we have offices”

says Anna Fryklund, Partner and Head of Legal & Compliance

“What made FCG a perfect match for me was their distinctive focus on delivering top quality advisory services, strong teams of experienced and competent people and impressive position in the Nordics in the GRC area. The EU Market Abuse Regulation applies equally to all EU issuers, and has placed compliance even higher up on the board of director’s agenda in any listed, or soon to be listed, company. Tailored frameworks and routines integrated in the issuer’s daily business and deep understanding of the legal obligations is key to ensure proper compliance and to avoid potentially significant sanctions or trust damage. It will be a privilege to work with the experts at FCG, supporting issuers in the regulatory challenges they face as a listed company”

says Karin Ydén.

Karin will join FCG on April 11, 2022.

Anna Fryklund


Maria Sandström Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer

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Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG
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Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG

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Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG

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Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG Leading market abuse expert Karin Ydén joins FCG

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